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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a web site most receptive to what the major search engines want to ensure a high ranking.
The highest positions in the search engines bring in the most traffic to your web site that in turn leads to more conversions and more money.

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How to make money online?

Summary: The main prerequisites your web site needs in order to generate revenue, including well-optimized web pages and well-structured contents.

So youíve finally got an idea of what contents to write and you probably have already designed a web site for this particular content and now you come to the question "How to actually generate income using my web site?" This is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions around the webmaster world. You want to know how you can make money, now that you have created a web site and regularly put contents on it. First of all I need to emphasize that there is actually no quick way of making money online. You need to spend time, lots of time, to eventually earn a living out of your content driven web site. The good news is, if you apply very good SEO to your web site, and you follow the main guidelines to promote your web site, you will soon see your web site prospering!

The most important point to always consider is that you set yourself a goal. Donít think that you can make 3 figures per day in just one month with any strategy you read about. You have to set your goals more likely to be approachable. As soon as youíve done this, you can aim to reach that first goal. Then set your next goal, and so on. This belongs to one of the strategies in order to be successful and make money online. Why? Simply because it is more motivating than it would be if you had set your goal to ďmake $100 per day in two monthsĒÖ

Now that you have understood the facts, it is time to start with the first steps: Check if your web site, if already established and online, meets the main rules for successful search engine optimization. Check this SEO Checklist and get familiar with the simple things to alter your web site according to the main SEO guidelines out there. You can work on this list online and check each point that youíve already completed for easier use. After you have optimized your web site, it is time to promote it well, so that you are receiving increased traffic day by day. As the traffic increases, you are advised to write more and more contents. Search engines love new and fresh contents! When you have reached a reasonable amount of unique visitors per day, you can start thinking about placing your ads to perfectly fit into the site and to catch the visitorsí eyes.

But before this comes into play, you need to advance in SEO unless you have the funds to hire a SEO expert who does all that stuff for you. Though I doubt that if you have the possibility to learn SEO now, you wonít toss this information away and hire someone else to do this! Anyway, besides reading more about SEO techniques, you should now perform a well-organized initial promotion of you web site. Start with the submission to web directories and continue with writing articles for article submission sites, also referred to as article directories. This way you gain your first one-way links that are very essential for any web site that wants to make money.

Now youíve done the basic ground works and you can worry a bit more about the ad placements. Choose an ad publisher who produces very relevant ads according to your contents. AdSense is a widely used ad system and it works very well for many businesses. However, many fail to succeed in a high AdSense income due to the fact that they donít analyze their visitors enough. Thatís where everything has to start before you can place your first ad, actually. Imagine you are a visitor coming to your site who is interested in your contents. Where might the visitor go first? Where is the main point he looks at? Is it wise to put ads in the header if the visitor will scroll down to read about the interesting stuff? You need to imagine the whole visit of a visitor in order to find out what he might want on your site. Look at some other sites to see how they place AdSense ads and ask yourself, why they did so.

Well, but before I deviate from the course now and explain anything about successful AdSense ads placement and optimization, I better stop now. Youíve learned the main rules of what you need to create a site that is eligible to generate revenue. You should now know that nothing is done with the simple creation and design of a web site. The contents play a much higher role than the design does. The layout of a site is just for the visual experience of each visitor and sometimes itís used to emphasize some particular areas. The times of massive use of flash and graphics are over for our and our modemís sake.

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