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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a web site most receptive to what the major search engines want to ensure a high ranking.
The highest positions in the search engines bring in the most traffic to your web site that in turn leads to more conversions and more money.

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List of SEO friendly Web Directories

Here you will find constantly updated lists of search engine optimization friendly web directories to submit your web site to. Web site search engine optimization requires trusted one-way links that are gained more difficult through other methods, especially at the very beginning. Submitting your web site to web directories is a good SEO technique to gain your first one-way links when you still have no PageRank.

If you have ever encountered other lists of web directories that say they list 900 or more web directories, you can be sure that these lists will be nothing but time consuming. There are a lot of web directory owners whose backlog, i.e. the number of submissions in the queue, is "full". Such web directories often do not add your submitted URL at all! It's a waste of time. For this reason, Web-Site-Search-Engine-Optimization.com has created lists of web directories that are updated gradually in order to provide you with best success in link building. You can help us filtering the bad ones by reporting us any violation of a directory.

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Real Estate (1) SEO (5) Shopping (1) Travel (3) Webmaster (11)

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There are different types of web directories. For that reason, you are provided with several lists of web directories in order to make it easier for you to submit to the right and desired directories.

If you know about or own a SEO friendly web directory, you can fill out this form to be considered for inclusion.

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